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How Does ResultEdge charge for it's services?

We offer a complimentary project planning service called Mutual Discovery, where we will mutually agree on the scope of work, the targeted R.O.I., and an estimated project cost.

Once we align with you on a milestone plan, we only invoice the portion of project milestone budget that we have achieved with your crew. Targeted business results set the context!

Who is on your Team?

We have a small core of every-project expertise that leads our Edge. Eager to introduce ourselves to you in the context of your specific needs.

This will be addressed when you schedule a call and we can provide backgrounds and competencies of these people. Filling out our team is a dynamic, networked group with tactical ability to address needs that may occur on any particular assignment.

We will introduce our team in a task-relevant way before any engagement under discussion.

Is ResultEdge a Microsoft Partner?

Yes, ResultEdge is a Microsoft Partner specializing in Dynamics 365, the Power Platform, integration, reporting and analytics.

We have decades of experience and look forward to helping you and your team define what matters and helping you boost the potential of you and your team's success.

Why does ResultEdge stress leadership's role in all of its services?

Because leadership's impact is absolutely critical to sustainable success. As Prosci-certified change management practitioners, we know from experience and Prosci research validates over the last 20 years, we can create projects that are six times more likely to complete on time, at or under budget and meet or beat return on investment targets. We integrate, and help you lead, proven change management practices as part of every service we offer.

How is ResultEdge different from other consulting partners?

ResultEdge is designed to deliver business results not just technology solutions.

We believe that leadership, change management, technical expertise, business strategy and agile processes working together ensure consistent business results that meet | exceed expectations.

Other partners may offer these same skill sets, but not as part of an integrated-competency consulting service. Forget the noise and let's focus on what delivers results.

Does ResultEdge provide staff augmentation?

We prefer to collaboratively design projects that target specific business outcomes to ensure that, together, we deliver specific value in every stage of every engagement.

If you have a staffing vacancy, we can target specific measurable goals and provide a suitable, effective resource on a temporary basis.

Does ResultEdge work with other partners?

We will work with your partners and will add expertise   make sure every goal you assignt-step result strategy. Yes. We seek to multiply our value by teaming with partners with deep technical expertise, industry specialization and business coaching competencies that round out our own depth and talent network.

If we see challenges we will provide clear feedback and offer solutions ready to change your game ASAP.