Jon Heinrich


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I enjoy my career as a technology leader and have learned a lot about myself, what works, and how I can best contribute:

I love helping people imagine what’s next for themselves and their organizations to co-design a path and each right step to get there.

  • I establish coherent decision making by working backward from the targeted business result to align new technologies, new workflows, people preparation, and accountability to hit our target.
  • I help guide business adoption of the agreed-upon path and help assure R.O.I. powered by fully-engaged business leaders as co-owners of their technology projects.

I respect that change is both personal and challenging and an extraordinary opportunity for personal and professional growth.

  • I help ensure that each leader and teammate is in personal alignment with the results they want for the organization, their team, and themselves.
  • I help assure that leaders are committed to confidently lead their team with the right plan for result success and well-deserved recognition.

I can quickly visualize new systems fitting the clear and expressed needs of a program and an organization.

  • I drive myself to stay fresh and current in the art/science of technology-powered business success -- and bring that information to you.
  • I infuse team learning by growing team knowledge, understanding, actions, success and confidence into stage-by-stage successes.

I enjoy meeting new people, listening to new perspectives and exploring new ideas. Let’s connect!  Let’s see what we have in common, what you need next and how I can help you make that your new reality!