A Blueprint for Digital Success in 4 Steps

Our Results Ready Platform™ service will quickly help you assess your organization's digital fitness and provide a plan and a blueprint for digital success.

A Results Ready Platform™ is prepared to optimally leverage investments in people and technology to to consistently capture targeted results.

  • Prepare the organization to continuously innovate
  • Align leadership accountability to optimize results
  • Connect and clarify shared responsibilities across silos
  • Build a platform that multiplies value from existing investments
  • Mobilize skills-ready people and teams who are ready to win
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Your Results Ready Platform™ begins with a holistic assessment of the future-readiness of people, tech and workflows required to operate as a digitally enabled business. We utilize industry best practices and our decades of industry to identify baseline gaps that may be already constraining your business.

The Baseline Gaps Inventory will make sure your organization understand exactly what is needed to be ready to take the next-right-steps in your digital future.

With a clear picture of the baseline gaps it's time to make decisions about what matters most.

Once all gaps have prioritized for the short, medium, and long term leadership is provided a powerful framework for decision making.

You are now free to experiment without conflicting agendas and start attacking the learning needed to become future ready.

A future-ready organization is a learning organization.

Experimenting with new combinations of tech, people positioning and digitally enabled workflows allows leadership to determine the what the potential is feasible with minimal investment.

Proactive experimentation in the context of an overall strategy is a key mindset and skill-set that help minimize wasted investments and time spent chasing the shiny bright distractions in a rapidly changing digital ecosystem.

Now that you have completed the necessary research and development to recommend moving forward with a future-ready opportunity, it's time for leadership to decide how this impacts the business strategy, organizational development and technology investment.

With clarity about how to be future-ready and a learning experience to ground expectations leadership can confidently push the digital transformation that fits their organization's unique needs and opportunities.

Platform Services

The ResultEdge Platform Team has decades of experience with Dynamics 365, Custom Development, Integration, Reporting and Analytics

Dynamics 365 - Business Central

For small businesses and medium businesses working in a single currency and operating a limited number of business entities, Business Central provides the complete solution you need to be Future-Ready, agile, and adaptive.

Dynamics 365 - Finance & Operations

For medium and large businesses that need to operate in multiple currencies and markets, Finance and Operations provides deep functionality and the flexibility you need to drive operational excellence.

Power Platform

When you need to fill gaps not supported by your current applications and data, we can help you create new solutions and leverage the latest technology from Microsoft, and other low-code solution providers


Moving data and creating APIs to integrate and extend applications is what we do. We work with a variety of technologies but specialize in Azure integration technologies to bring data and apps together.

Reporting & Analytics

Many organization have the data to drive powerful insights and game-changing course corrections, but it is trapped in  disparate applications. We can help unlock trapped data and move you into a data-driven decision making paradigm.

Project Recovery

Too often complex implementation projects are not set up for success. If your implementation project is off track we can do a quick assessment and help your team get back on track. Let us help you snatch back victory from the jaws of change, challenge and distress.